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This is a roleplay journal for Matrim Cauthon, a character from the Wheel of Time series by the late Robert Jordan, continued by Brandon Sanderson.

Mat's canon point is in the middle of Towers of Midnight, during his stay in Camelyn, prior to the defeat of the Gholam

The PB for Mat is Harry Lloyd, and the keywords for his icons are from the song "Jak o' the Shadows" found within the novels.
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For a fully comprehensive character breakdown and history feel free to browse the following links:
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Fortune rides like the sun on high
With the fox that makes the ravens fly.
Luck his soul, the lightning his eye,
He snatches the moons from out of the sky.
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"If you can't hide what you are going to do, do it so everybody thinks you are a fool."
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Never gamble without knowing a back way out.

- Book 5: The Fires of Heaven
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**The quote below contains no spoilers, still proceed at your own discretion.*

"I have never known anyone else," Egwene said to him, "who will work so hard to avoid hard work, Matrim Cauthon."

"You haven't spent enough time around soldiers." Mat waved at the men who saluted him as he walked out of the Traveling grounds.

- Wheel of Time 14: A Memory of Light, Pg 612
Brandon Sanderson & Robert Jordan

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September 21 is when the prologue is out at TOR for Towers of Midnight.
Release date is November 2.

Mat: "Well, they should be more forth coming."
Thom: "More forthcoming? How? The mayor is right, they did try to warn us."
Mat: "I don't know. They could put up a warning sign or something. Hello. Welcome to Hinderstap. We will murder you in the night and eat your bloody faceif you stay past sunset. Try the pies. Martna Baily makes them fresh daily."
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*All Mat is doing is staring out to sea while smoking on his pipe, thinking things over, missing home.*
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Name: Matrim "Mat" Cauthon

Other Appellations: Lord (Don't call me that!), Prince of Ravens (via Marriage), General (of Shen al Calhar, technically Captain General), Sounder of the Horn (of Valere), Ta'veran, Brother of Battles, Gambler, Trickster, Toy, Duckling

Place of Birth: Emond's Field, Two Rivers (Formerly Manetheran, or those of the Old Blood)

Description: ~ 21 Yrs old, Brown hair, brown eyes, 5'10", ~165 lbs. Wiry, like a knife fighter. Has a scar from being hanged, covered with a black silk neckerchief. Black hat, missing a bit at the front. Green overcoat. Silver foxhead medallion.

Throughout the course of the series, Mat has come a long way from the lovable prankster that was the bane of all the adults in his village. He's certainly grown up, but hasn't lost that sense of fun, making up for it through gambling, enjoying the opposite sex, and living it up. While he dislikes making commitments, once he feels responsible for something, he'll go through Hell and high water to get it done.

A bloody hero. Thom, if I ever look like acting the hero again, you kick me.

In fact, while he has said that he wasn't a hero and wouldn't go out of his way to help people unless there was some sort of gain, he has done just that quite a few times.

Ever since he was implanted with memories of past battles, he has become a brilliant tactician, planning and executing brilliant manouvers to get around the enemy, and achieve his goals. He had shown interest in war even as a youth, asking Thom Merrilan, a passing Gleeman for tales about battle.

With regards to women, he treats them as he was taught to, they are to be protected. That however, doesn't stop him from having his fun. And he greatly regrets the women who have died either directly, or indirectly because of his actions. He is also protective towards children.

And a word to the wise, Mat is not someone you would want to bet against. And especially not in games of Chance. Being Ta'veren (one who can indirectly influence the world around him) has made him incredibly lucky. Be it cards, horses or dice, the more random the game, the greater his luck. In fact, he has a set of "dice" in his head that rattle, warning him of upcoming battles or significant events.

History: Under construction. It will span the lengths of book 1 to 11


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